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개인적으로 만들고 있는 LaTeX 비슷한 형태의 HTML document format + JavaScript. 이름은 그냥 docuK로 'document designed by kipid'란 뜻.
When you write the HTML document including docuK document also, using good editors such as Sublime Text editor with Emmet (ex-Zen Coding) package installed is highly recommended. Try useful shortkeys 'Ctrl+D' (Multiple Selections and Simultaneous Multiple Edit. 'Ctrl+K, D': skip the current selection. 'Ctrl+U': soft undo. 'Ctrl+Shift+U': soft redo.), 'Ctrl+P' (Go to Anything. 'Ctrl+R':go to Symbols (id). 'Ctrl+G':go to Line.), and emmet style typings (Watch the demo video in the link).

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citing the reference



citing the reference

Equations, Figures, and Code printing


equations: g(a).   사용: $f(x)$ $= x^4$ $+ 3 x^3$ $- 8 x^2$ $+ x$ $- 5$, and   사용: $f(x)$ $= x^4$ $+ 3 x^3$ $- 8 x^2$ $+ x$ $- 5$, dollar 표시로만 구분: $f(x)$$= x^4$$+ 3 x^3$$- 8 x^2$$+ x$$- 5$, and 구분없이: $f(x)= x^4+ 3 x^3- 8 x^2+ x- 5$. f(x) Refering equations

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border formatting.
Elements with disableQ0 class remove <!-- --> inside them only when deviceWidth>321. This is for Galaxy S (or old smartphones) problem like unexpected scrollTop.
iframe youtube 동영상 with fixed ratio. And border formatting
Refering figures

Printing code

Syntax Highlighting of Programming Codes. Code to be printed is here.


Opening Sources

docuK CSS style


docuK HTML document


docuK SCRIPT (JavaScript including jQuery, MathJax, and Google code prettyfier)

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