Citing the references automatically in HTML (like LaTeX)

I cite the first ref . And citing the second , I cite finally the third one . There could be more than one cite in the article . You can check those references. web:, ref2:. kipids:, no:, unknown:. Bubble reference which is cited manually:
Ref. [01] This is a manual reference. So this is not listed below in Reference section. On mouseover appears this bubble-ref, and on mouseout disappears this bubble-ref with 1 sec time delay by setTimeout(1 sec). Clicking '✖' on the right-top corner hides this bubble-ref immediately.
. And this is the final sentence of this paragraph.

References and Related Articles

  1. kipid's blog: this is the first reference.
  2. reference 2: this is the second reference.
  3. Web - the third reference.
  4. - position; position css.
  5. Stack overflow - Check existence of an attribute with JQuery; I used the answer by Jonathan Bergeron.
  6. Stack overflow - Adding extra zeros in front of a number using jQuery?; I used the answer by Todd Yandell.
  7. w3schools - JavaScript, and jQuery; and; General refereces about JavaScript and jQuery.
  8. Stack overflow - jQuery scroll To Element; I used the answer by Steve. And - jquery - scrollTo is also readable.
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